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Taming the Media Lion

Give your child an unplugged childhood! Includes a 21 Day Media Challenge!
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Every parents faces the challenge of how to manage and guide their child through a world of screens.

You might find yourself asking, “Do we need to get rid of the TV? How do we set guidelines and follow them after not having them? or What do I do if my children are addicted to screens?"

This seminar will give you the research and tools you need to protect your children from harm as well as a hurried childhood. Taming the Media Lion helps parents create a safe, nurturing home environment and spend more time in nature.

This 3-1/2 hour audio recording is your opportunity to be equipped in turning the tide for your family's health and spiritual well-being.

In this recording, you'll even hear an hour and a half of Q&A discussion with a panel of seasoned parents and tech experts!

Be empowered to break the media stronghold over your children's lives and learn how to replace the screen space with green space.

When you purchase this seminar, you receive the audio recording and a 21 day media challenge.

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