Get Clear on What Works Best for Your Family

Gain encouragement and wisdom to customize your homeschool plan to serve you.

Don’t waste years, tears, and money on false starts and lingering confusion.

Are you facing a difficult transition or in need of encouragement to stay the course? Perhaps you simply want help ironing out the details of scheduling and which books to read. 

In private phone consultations, Carole Joy Seid helps you customize the Homeschool Made Simple approach to fit your family!

“I walked away encouraged and refreshed. Carole truly desires for moms and their families to enjoy this journey and to slow down enough to enjoy each other and the beauty around us.”
Rachel, MN

How can Carole help you customize homeschooling to work for you?

Planning the School Year

Whether picking books or figuring out daily routines, Carole helps you customize our approach to fit like a tailored suit.

Navigating Food Allergies

Sometimes learning problems are food problems. Carole helps families implement changes that make a difference.


Carole can help families establish patterns of discipline especially of young children.

Building a Home Library

A bad book is a big thief. Carole’s extensive experience will help you have only great books in your family’s library!

Establishing Order in Your Home

Carole helps families set up rhythms and routines to help families flourish.

Working with a Difficult or Struggling Child

Discover the root of the issue and develop strategies to overcome the challenges you and your child are facing.

Your appointment will be most beneficial if you first listen to Carole’s basic seminar, A Literature Based Approach to Education, before scheduling a consultation.

“I wanted a plan for the upcoming year, and came away with a wonderful plan and a lot of encouragement and wisdom that will be so helpful!”
Anna, CO

People just like you have found answers and encouragement from a consultation with Carole!

How does it work?

  1. Book an Appointment – Find the time and day that works best for you.
  2. Talk with Carole – Get the practical help and encouragement to customize our approach.
  3. See Results – Implement the given strategies into your home and enjoy the change.
“Every meeting we have with Carole helps me refocus and calms my anxieties that inevitably arise from homeschooling three very different children!”
Erin, OK


Your appointment is personalized to your family. Carole will call you and begin by taking a brief medical, developmental, and academic history of each child so that she can provide personalized counsel.

You do not need to submit any additional information, but it can be helpful to write a short list about each of your children to organize your thoughts beforehand.

Carole has a M.S. in Education from SUNY Buffalo State University and a degree in Fine Arts from Hamilton College. She holds a certification, CPLC, for Professional Life Coach and Christian Life Coach. Carole has over 35 years experience speaking and consulting.

Carole’s fee is $120 per hr. with a minimum of 1-1/2 hrs. We prefer payment to be done online through PayPal invoicing.

Carole typically consults on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Consulting times and dates are first come, first serve.​ You can view Carole’s calendar here.

If you desire to pay with a check, please let us know at the time of your booking.

*There is a 72 hour cancellation notice policy.