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A Return to Our Roots of Greatness

A call to return to the first things that made homeschooling so successful!
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The early days in the modern homeschool movement were characterized by people following the research. And the kids who came out of that time were successful academically and otherwise!

Unfortunately, in many ways, the homeschool community has lost its moorings. Returning to Our Roots of Greatness is a call to return to the first things of homeschooling.

The teaching consists of three hour-long parts. In the first part, Carole Joy Seid chronicles the history of homeschooling. She follows the development of ideas and research from Dr. Raymond Moore, John Holt, Susan Schaeffer Macaulay, and more. In part two, Carole gives a general overview of what homeschooling looks like from preschool through high school. She especially focuses on how homeschooling provides a different approach from conventional schooling. In the final part, a panel of homeschool parents and graduates join Carole as they answer questions submitted during the live seminar.

Returning to Our Roots of Greatness calls families to evaluate their homeschool and return to the first things that caused them to begin in the first place.

Get this seminar and return to our roots of greatness!

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