Taking Care of Ourselves with Lauren Wilson | Episode 197

Taking care of ourselves is so important! If parents don’t take care of themselves, they will struggle to take care of their families in some way.

In this episode, Carole Joy Seid and Rachel Winchester talk to their pilates instructor, Lauren Wilson, about how to create a culture of wellness in our homes. Lauren shares her expertise in removing the overwhelm of health with her virtual workouts so that we can focus on what matters most. 

You’ll hear about: 

  • Taking care of mom so she can take care of everyone else
  • The problem with aesthetic based fitness
  • Lauren’s simple holistic approach to stewarding your health
  • Moving your body in a helpful way
  • Being nourished by a whole food diet
  • Resting to support the body and steward stress well
  • Signs of stress your body is trying to deal with 
  • Using resistance training to handle stress 
Homeschool Made Simple podcast episode 197 | Lauren Wilson of Olive Tree Pilates and Wellness


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