Listening to God in Daily Prayer and Bible Reading | Episode 196

What does it look like to meet with God in the morning? In this episode, Carole shares her own pattern for daily prayer and Bible reading. 

We hope daily prayer and Bible reading becomes something you do each day and teach your children to do as well.

In listening to God through His Word and responding to him in prayer, you will gain the strength of soul you need to homeschool. Before it is an educational endeavor, homeschooling is a spiritual endeavor. We want to raise godly children who know God and his Word.

You’ll hear about: 

  • A prayer to pray before reading the Bible
  • Write down the scriptures to meditate on them throughout the day
  •  The biblical origin of meditation
  • How to spend time in prayer each day
  • Practicing silence so that we can hear God’s voice
  • Getting your marching orders for the day
Daily Prayer and Bible Reading | Homeschool Made Simple podcast


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