The Gift of Learning from Parents with Natalia Barba | Episode 175

Homeschooling essentially is a child learning from their parents. And not in the way you would typically think of a schoolteacher instructing a class of students.

Research shows that one of the key ingredients to raising a smart kid is being a warm and responsive parent. It may seem like a small or insignificant part of education. However, the parent-child relationship is key to successful homeschooling.

In episode 175, Carole interviews Natalia Barba on her experience being homeschooled from first grade through high school.

You’ll hear about:

  • How Natalia’s parents decided to homeschool
  • Some of the sacrifices they made along the way
  • How they are some of her favorite people
  • The place of media in their home
  • The role of books in her education

The Gift of Learning from Parents

Though warm, affectionate parenting is one of the key ingredients to raising smart children, it is not all that matters.

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Once you understand what children need to thrive, the details of what and when you teach more easily fall into place.

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