Allowing Your Child to Pursue Their Own Interests | Episode 174

When we let a child pursue their own interests, we cultivate a love of learning that carries our children through life. A child allowed to follow curiosity has a greater concern for what they learn along the way.

In this episode, we hear a replay of a conversation with Frankie Beck about what happens when parents give their children the freedom to pursue their own interests at their own pace. You’re going to love hearing from him!

You’ll hear about:

  • How Frankie’s mom incorporated his interests into his schooling
  • Tailoring education to fit the child’s needs
  • Meeting the needs of individual children in the midst of a large family
  • The progression of interests from building to blacksmithing and more
  • Frankie’s experience at Coldwater
  • Spiritual development that came as a fruit of hard work
  • How Frankie’s interests have led him to develop his own business ventures
Homeschooling is a great opportunity for a child to pursue their own interests. | Homeschool Made Simple


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