Introducing Children to Fine Art with Russ Ramsey | Episode 183

Today we are coming back to Carole’s conversation with Russ Ramsey, author of Rembrandt is in the Wind. After talking about the book, Carole turns toward the topic of introducing children to fine art. Russ shares some great insights to doing that and even a few lessons we adults can learn from children as well. 
In this episode, you’ll hear about: 

  • Why do we even study art? What is the value? 
  • Beauty as a form of protest
  • Telling the story of what it means to live in a broken world
  • A simple question to ask children 
  • Letting children wonder and roam rather than looking for the lesson
introducing children to fine art with Russ Ramsey | Homeschool Made Simple podcast

Click HERE to get the book, Rembrandt is in the Wind

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