Homeschooling for the Long Haul with Dan & Kara Beck | Episode 193

In this episode, Carole talks with Dan and Kara Beck about homeschooling for the long haul. Dan and Kara Beck have homeschooled their eight children from the beginning. While a lot of parents would be done with their homeschool career, the Becks still have a ways to go before their youngest graduates.

Dan and Kara share the challenges that come with a long homeschooling journey, and how they’re working to finish well.

Though it isn’t always easy, the Becks cast a vision for homeschooling for the long haul.

You’ll hear about: 

  • How a liturgical lifestyle sustains them 
  • What’s different about when they started homeschooling and what motivates them now
  •  The fruit the Becks see in homeschooling their older children
  • Prioritizing being mom first before being educator
  • How Dan’s involvement has evolved over the years
  • What Kara would say to her 26 year old self
  • Teaching children to have a good work ethic
homeschooling for the long haul | homeschool made simple podcast


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