Being Equipped to Educate Your Children | Episode 186

Carole Joy Seid and Rachel Winchester share the importance of being equipped to educate your own children.

A lot of times families jump into homeschooling without assessing their philosophy of education and deciding the best way to educate children. We want to save you years of tears and frustration. When you have some tools, you’re ready to do your own research. Equipped parents are better able to educate their children at home.

Plus, knowing the research gives parents confidence. When others ask questions or express concern, mom and dad are ready to give an answer!

In this episode, you’ll hear about: 

  • the new Homeschool Made Simple website!
  • the roots of the homeschool movement
  • doing your research
  • the purpose of this podcast
  • the difference between the HMS seminars and this podcast
being equipped to educate your children | homeschool made simple podcast

Learn the Homeschool Made Simple Approach

Attend an Upcoming Seminar to Be Equipped

Attending an in-person seminar together with your spouse makes such a difference in your success in homeschooling.

When families attend seminars together, they hear the same research and gain a shared vision for homeschooling. It isn’t just moms job to educate the kids. It is mom and dad’s responsibility.

We price our seminars per family so that both parents can come as well as teens!

Join us in 2024 for an in-person seminar!

Attending a seminar is one of the best ways to be equipped to educate your children at home! Join Carole and J. J. in 2024 for A Literature Based Approach to Education!

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