A podcast to help you homeschool simply, inexpensively, and enjoyably!

For the young parents, the veteran homeschoolers, or anyone navigating the waters of homeschool options, nationally-known speaker and educational consultant, Carole Joy Seid helps you homeschool with a Bible, math curriculum, and library card. It really can be that simple, because great books have the power to build godly family culture and give educational success! This podcast is for you if you need a weekly shot of encouragement and support to continue on with confident joy in your homeschooling journey.

What People Say About the Podcast:

“Homeschooling was not on my radar until I was introduced to Carole. Her method has opened my eyes and heart to a way of teaching and a way of doing life with my kids. I highly recommend Carole and her wonderful podcast.”

— Tyler H., Listener

“Carole’s podcast is a breath of fresh air for me. I eagerly await each release.”

— Jules V., Listener

“I was skeptical for a while, but the more I’ve listened to this podcast and seen the research, I’m all in! This method is simple, research based, and the podcast is just such an invaluable resource.”

— Elisabeth C., Listener

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Find episodes on a host of topics related to homeschooling: great books, health, family testimonies, stories of homeschool graduates, and more. After more than 35 years of helping families homeschool simply, inexpensively, and enjoyably, Carole Joy Seid knows what it takes to sustain the homeschool family for the long haul.

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