The Magic of Boredom, Nature, and Work | Episode 200

The magic of boredom, nature, and work are often overlooked when thinking of the most important parts of an education. Of course, there is more that matters, but these are the secret sauce that sets the Homeschool Made Simple method apart from others.

In this episode, Carole Joy Seid and her son, J.J. Seid, talk about what he would say if a parent asked him, “Why should we homeschool? What are the things to consider?”

If find yourself thinking about homeschooling wondering where to start, this episode is for you! And if you’re a veteran homeschooler, this episode will encourage you that the often overlooked things are actually some of the most important.

You’ll hear about:

  • why homeschooling is a good idea
  • how to cultivate a love of reading
  • the magic of boredom in homeschooling
  • J.J.’s own homeschool experience
  • the joy of outdoor exploration
  • teaching children the importance of nature
  • why work is essential to a great education
  • how socialization isn’t something to worry about
  • the significance of more time with adults
magic of boredom, nature, and work | homeschool made simple podcast


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