And Then There Were Six with Bob and Linda Sarna | Episode 13

Why mess with a good thing?

Bob and Linda Sarna had a typical suburban life and then everything changed. The Sarnas wanted to add to their family and chose the route of adoption. Bob and Linda share how homeschooling all their children helped focus their family on the most important thing of creating a loving home where all of their children feels like they belong.

Listen in to hear Bob share his tip for how dads can help in the homeschooling, and Linda shares her secret to happily homeschooling six children.

In this episode you’ll hear:

– how Linda went from thinking “earlier is better” to believing better is late than early

– nervous habits that show children’s nervous systems are overloaded

– a simple way to refocus on keeping first things first in homeschooling – challenges they faced in adopting three children from Russia and the power of attachment

– the greatest gift you can give your older children

Books Mentioned in this Episode:

Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease

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