Rembrandt Is in the Wind with Russ Ramsey | Episode 182

Art is one of Carole’s long-time passions. She wants every child to grow up familiar with the great artists. In this episode, Carole interviews Russ Ramsey about his book, Rembrandt Is in the Wind

Carole and Russ talk about the significance of beauty. In the West, we can often rank truth as higher than beauty. We take a more pragmatic approach that marginalizes appreciating beauty for its own sake. Any discussion of art is first grounded in our belief in the value of beauty and its root being in our glorious God.

What Inspired Rembrandt Is in the Wind

Russ shares what inspired his book, Rembrandt Is in the Wind, with his own story of being introduced to art as a child. He had a couple art teachers who thought it important to cultivate an experience around art. Even though Russ grew up in a rural community not known for their art, he had many memorable experiences that influenced the writing of his book.

So often, when we don’t have experiences with art as young children, we can grow into adulthood uninterested in art or intimidated by it. The heart of Rembrandt Is in the Wind is to share the stories of artists.

Connecting with Great Artists

As we learn the stories of these men and women who created incredible work, we grow more curious about what they made. We also see our commonality. We are all human. It is from that humanity that each artist painted the great works they are still known for.

Whether you are an art collector or a homeschool parent feeling like you ought to introduce your child to art but not sure where to start, you will love this episode!

This episode is part one of Carole’s conversation with Russ Ramsey. In episode 183, they will talk more about how to introduce children specifically to the great artists and their work.

Listen in!

You can find Rembrandt Is in the Wind HERE. We also recommend the audio book if you prefer that option.

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